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More International Students Are Choosing to Study at Atlantic Canada Universities

Canadian immigration Canada

According to a new report, more students from different countries are coming to Canada to study at universities in the Atlantic Region.

According to the report, a 20 percent increase was seen in the full-time student enrollment in the Atlantic region.

The Atlantic region covers Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Islands, Newfoundland & Labrador, and New Brunswick.

According to a report that was released by the Association of Atlantic Universities, the Atlantic Region has over 19,000 full-time international students.

Canadian immigration Canada

The largest increase was seen by Cape Breton University, which is located in Nova Scotia. Their international students increased to 3,436, which was previously 1,982.

The Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia has the largest international student population in the Atlantic Region, they currently have 4,417.

The Memorial University in Newfoundland added 441 international students for a total of 3,402 students.

According to the report, the New Brunswick’s Mount Allison University saw a 40 percent spike in their numbers and added 255 international students.

According to the Association of Atlantic Universities, 77 percent of the international students said they are willing to live and work in the Atlantic Region after they graduate.

The report that they published also states that 94 percent of the international students said that they felt more welcomed in the Atlantic Region of Canada.

Atlantic Canada, which is also called as the Atlantic Provinces, is a region in Canada that compromises 4 provinces, which are New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Atlantic Canada is currently in a battle against its ageing population and its decreasing labor market. According to recent reports, the provinces in the region have a hard time retaining new immigrants and attracting immigrants.

Streams Currently Available Under the Atlantic Immigration Program

1. High-Skilled

The Atlantic region of Canada offers work for skilled workers who have professional or technical job experience. To know more about the requirements of this, contact Canadian immigration Canada.

2. Intermediate Skilled

The Atlantic region of Canada also offers the Intermediate-Skilled Program for candidates that are looking for jobs that only require high-school education or training.

For more information about this program, contact a Canadian embassy in Calgary.

3. International Graduate

The Atlantic International Graduate Program is aimed at candidates who have a diploma, degree, or a certificate from an institution in the Atlantic Province.